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It's been going on 27 days since the government shutdown began, and Cardi B has zero Fs left to give.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper delivered a takedown of President Donald Trump on Wednesday over forcing federal workers to return to the job unpaid. Since it's Cardi B being undeniably Cardi B, you may want to put on your headphones for this one.

"I don't want to hear y'all motherf– talking about, 'Oh but Obama shut down the government for 17 days," the 26-year-old "Money" rapper said. "Yeah, b–, for health care! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b– could go check your p– in the gynecologist's office with no motherf– problem!"

"Now," she continued, "I know a lot of y'all don't care because y'all don't work for the government or y'all probably don't even have a job, but this s– is really f–ing serious, bro. This s– is crazy. Our country is in a hellhole right now all for a f–ing wall. And we really need to take this serious."

The shutdown is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. It began when talks broke down between congressional leaders and the White House over a spending deal, as Trump demanded the deal include funds to build his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I feel like we need to take some action," Cardi B added. "I don't know what type of action, b–, because this is not what I do, but, b–, I'm scared. This is crazy. And I really feel bad for these people that got to go to f– work to not get motherf– paid."

And she made time to drop this response all while her new music video for "Twerk" hit the web. That's "Money" right there.

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