By Shirley Li
January 16, 2019 at 09:05 PM EST

The City Girls and Cardi B have released the music video for “Twerk” and — surprise, surprise — it involves twerking.

Make that a lot of twerking. No wait — non-stop twerking. Throughout the (rather NSFW) video for the track above, the pair perform among a throng of twerkers, shaking and clapping their, ahem, bottoms in slow motion, in regular motion, at sea, on land. There’s body paint and backflips involved, and also a construction site. The dancers were flown in — sorry, “flewed in” — after submitting videos for a challenge the City Girls posted in November to find “the world’s greatest twerker.” All of it makes the video incredible and hypnotic and very, very cheeky, in all senses of the word. Just watch it for yourself. (Though again, it’s NSFW. You’ve been warned!)

All done? Then join in on Twitter, where fans have been, well, shook — sorry — by the video, judging by their reactions. Some responded in disbelief and awe at the twerking skill, while one took the opportunity to tweet a cheeky jab at Cardi’s ex, Offset. We’ve rounded up our favorite comments:

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