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Thank you, Ariana Grande, for this blooper reel from the “thank u, next” music video.

If you thought Kris Jenner was wilin’ out in the official release, just see all the material you missed of the Kardashian family matriarch pulling off that Mean Girls gag about sex and chlamydia, as well as the classic “cool mom” line, “you keep me young.” Jennifer Coolidge, too, shot a lot more than what we saw in Grande’s star-studded video.

The reel revealed a deleted scene of the Legally Blonde actress recreating one of her most famous scenes from that film with Grande’s Elle Woods, the famous “I’m taking the dog, dumbass!” scene between Paulette and her ex-husband.

Coolidge and Grande are queens of the ad lib, as shown in outtakes from the nail salon. (For the record, there’s never too much lip gloss.) Troye Sivan and comedian Colleen Ballinger also get shoutouts in the reel, which reveals a water-breaking moment for Callinger and the numerous times Sivan was slammed into that locker.

And here’s one more rumor for the road about Grande: “I heard Ariana’s pony tail is made out of an actual pony’s tail.”

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