Directing her own music video for the first time isn’t the only reason “Limitless” was a personal project for Jennifer Lopez. It also features a very special collaborator: Her 10-year-old daughter, Emme.

As teased last month, Emme mirrors her mother’s iconic dance moves in the video, sporting equally stunning outfits and channeling a similar ferocity. The song, featured in Lopez’s upcoming movie Second Act, themes female empowerment and the importance of pursuing your dreams. The music video officially dropped on Thursday.

“What we’re trying to create, and let’s not lose sight of that, is these women creating this amazing, raging, colorful storm around them,” Lopez said in a clip posted to Instagram in November, which documented the behind-the-scenes making of the video.

Emme, who has a twin brother named Max, plays a younger version of Lopez as the pair jointly face hardship and vie to persevere. (Sadly, this means we don’t get to see them perform in the same frame.) “I couldn’t fight anymore,” Lopez sings at one point.

The song’s release comes just a day before Second Act hits theaters. Lopez’s first live-action film in three years, the film centers on a retail chain worker who reinvents her life (and backstory) in her quest to conquer Madison Avenue.

Watch the “Limitless” video above.

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