By Esme Douglas
December 13, 2018 at 08:44 PM EST
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Turns out it’s not “all love.”

The latest chapter in their back-and-forth saga came Thursday as West unleashed a series of tweets seemingly aimed at Drake. The first was a screenshot of a text message from a person identified as Free (presumably a member of West’s producing team) saying Drake had sent over a clearance request for “Say What’s Real,” his 2009 track from the mixtape So Far Gone that sampled West’s “Say You Will,” from 808s & Heartbreak. West captioned the screenshot, “This proves sh— faker than wrestling.”

West went on to tweet a series of grievances toward his fellow rapper, such as Drake’s not apologizing for his verse on French Montana’s “No Stylist” in which he said, “I told her, ‘Don’t wear no 350s round me,’” a reference to West’s Adidas sneakers. Or his texting Kris Jenner behind West’s back. Or his sending purple emojis. Or his apologizing through Scooter Braun or Travis Scott and not to West directly. Or his buying out the first two rows at a Pusha T concert in Toronto, which was ultimately canceled when a fight broke out on stage.

West also made sure to say that he didn’t tell Pusha T that Drake has a son, an issue that has been speculated about as the start of the rappers’ falling out. After Pusha T revealed that Drake has a child in “The Story of Adidon,” Drake went on Lebron James’ The Shop and accused West of leaking the information to him. Pusha T later denied that West was the one who told him about Drake’s son.

After the dust from West’s initial tweetstorm settled, it seemed he was ready for reconciliation, as he wrote, “I would never intentionally hurt you bro,” and then, “It’s all love bro bro but don’t play with me. You stay too close to be playing all these industry games bro.”

It looked like Drake wasn’t feeling the “It’s all love” vibe when he posted an Instagram story with several crying-laughing emojis. But then West, after posting a cryptic Bible verse, followed up by tweeting, “Drake finally called.” And then, “Mission accomplished.”

Did Ye just want Drake to give him a call? Is the beef now squashed? We can’t be sure. But in classic Kanye style, he added one semi-trolling tweet that left the state of their relationship ambiguous: “By the way… not cleared.”

Then, just when it seemed like they were maybe reconciling, Kanye released a new batch of tweets aimed at Drake, starting with, “Drake called trying to threatened me.”

He then posted many, many tweets, where he, among other things, says the person Drake set up to run onstage at the Pusha T concert is in critical condition, says if anything happens to his family Drake should be suspected, accuses Drake of threatening Kid Cudi, and accuses him of picking on people with mental health issues.

He also posted many tweets about how he influenced Drake. Saying he’s Drake’s “idol” and “There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat” and “I’m the guy with the pink polo that made a way for him.”

He then seemed to simmer down a bit, saying that he would never fight Drake or make a diss track, that he would never “intentionally hurt” Drake and “You’re mad at me for something I didn’t do,” ostensibly referring to the Pusha T leak about Drake’s child again.

It’s currently unclear if Kanye will ever stop tweeting about Drake or if the rappers will ever reconcile. The state of the feud is more complicated than ever.

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