Because of technical logistics, many singers performing during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade commonly lip sync during the live telecast. Not Kelly Clarkson, it seems.

The “Whole Lotta Woman” powerhouse brought out a stage, back-up band, and singers for a performance of “Heat,” a track off her acclaimed Meaning of Life album. She appeared to pull off a live rendition and people could tell the difference.

As Macy’s put it in a tweet, “@kelly_clarkson, you never disappoint.”

As John Legend noted on Twitter in response to a user, “We all have to lip sync on this parade because the floats don’t have the capacity to handle the sound requirements for a live performance. Hope y’all enjoyed it anyway. Know that if you come to my shows, the vocals are 100% live!”

Clarkson, however, wasn’t on a typical float.

The 36-year-old has been on fire lately with news of an upcoming talk show, shooting seasons of The Voice, her dynamite cover of “Never Enough” on the newly reimagined Greatest Showman soundtrack, and her upcoming tour. She also teased to EW that she’s “kind of working on something” in the theater space.

“I would really love to do something on Broadway one day,” she said. “And honestly, I’m [exploring] the idea of doing a kids thing right now that might involve me a tiny bit. I’m a mom and I always go to Broadway, and yeah, there’s Frozen, which is amazing, and there are a few things that are for kids, but there aren’t really new originals, like Annie. You know what I’m saying? Original things that make kids totally inspired and make you want to be a part of it.”

Whatever it may be, we stan a live Clarkson performance.

After her parade jam session, the singer tweeted, “So my toes finally have feeling back in them that was a very cold Thanksgiving moment! I’ve been beggin’ the Lord for winter, and well, he answered #MacysDayParade thanks for having us! So thankful and appreciative for all the blessings in my life! Y’all have a good one!”

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