By Esme Douglas
November 16, 2018 at 04:08 PM EST
Credit: Venturelli/WireImage
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The collective power of Mariah Carey’s Lambily got the Glitter soundtrack to #1 on the iTunes chart, 17 years after the film debuted.

Though Glitter, Carey’s disco-themed 2001 film, marked a difficult time in the singer’s career, and the film was a critical and box office bomb, released days after 9/11 and supported by her notorious TRL appearance in promotion of the soundtrack (which eventually led to her bipolar diagnosis, Carey revealed earlier this year), the soundtrack is filled with unequivocal bops. Not familiar? Review “Loverboy“!

In anticipation of Carey’s new (great) album, Caution, out today, her devoted fans, affectionately called the Lambily, decided to buy the 2001 soundtrack en masse, to give the under-appreciated record its due, using the hashtag #JusticeforGlitter to spread the word.

And justice was served! Wednesday, the singer tweeted a screenshot of the album sitting at #1 on the iTunes chart.

To celebrate the full circle moment, Carey even returned to TRL to discuss her new album and #JusticeforGlitter.

The singer was sure to thank her extremely loyal fanbase on Twitter yesterday, tweeting, “I have to dedicate today’s #tbt to Glitter, which is currently #1 on the iTunes albums chart, 17 years after its release and on the eve of my new album release! My fans are THE BEST #JusticeForGlitter!! LET’S GO #CAUTION

If Mariah Carey (and her fans) can turn her 2001 (I hate to use this word but) breakdown into chart-topping gold then truly anything is possible! Now let’s get the Lambily to solve global warming.

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