By Justine Browning
October 17, 2018 at 11:03 AM EDT
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Courtney Love commemorated the 20th anniversary of Hole’s Celebrity Skin album in an epic way.

The rocker led a rousing rendition of the title track with the help of Italy’s Rockin’ 1000, the “Biggest Rock Band on Earth.”

In a video released by the group, comprised of 1,500 musicians, Love and hundreds of guitarists, drummers, bassists, and background singers perform the 1998 release at the Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence, Italy.

“I was on the streets since I was 14,” Love says in a voiceover recording before taking the stage. “I just thought that was really important to have an all-girl band so I would look for girls that could play. Music was my only option and I thought: ‘Okay, if I don’t make it by the time I’m 25, I’m jumping off the roof.’ I was born to play rock n’ roll.”

Recorded in July, the showcase comes two decades after the debut of the Celebrity Skin album, largely considered a defining moment in the grunge wave.

The footage follows a viral 2015 performance in which the grand band joined forces with Foo Fighters for a massive production of “Learn to Fly.”

“We are a team of professional producers, filmers, communication experts, and sound engineers, but above all, music enthusiasts,” the members of Rockin’ 1000 said in a statement. “We organize massive events where thousands of musicians performing simultaneously.”

Over 20,000 attended the taping, which also served as a fundraiser for San Patrignano, a local program geared towards drug addiction rehabilitation.

Love has been making a comeback as of late. She joined Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins to perform “Celebrity Skin” in August and is set to be honored in a star-studded tribute during Basilica Hudson’s biennial Pioneering People fundraiser in Hudson, New York on Oct. 27.

Celebrity Skin

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