By Joey Nolfi
September 27, 2018 at 12:34 PM EDT

Armed with an impassioned perspective and lyrics taking aim at Donald Trump, Barbra Streisand is scaling the political divide with her new single “Don’t Lie to Me.”

Released as the first official preview of her upcoming 11-track studio album Walls — her largest collection of predominantly original tunes since Guilty Pleasures, her 2005 collaborative LP with Barry Gibb — “Don’t Lie to Me” sees the Oscar- and Grammy-winning performer criticizing the president’s leadership over sprawling pop production.

“How do you sleep when the world keeps turning? / All that we built has come undone / How do you sleep when the world is burning? / Everyone answers to someone,” Streisand sings on the song, which she co-wrote after listening to disturbing news headlines on the radio during a recent road trip. “Can’t you see I’m crying? / Can’t you see we’re crying? / Where’s the new horizon?”

In an Associated Press interview published Thursday, Streisand admitted she approached writing the song with “subtle” references to Trump, though she ultimately “went ballistic” during the process.

“I just can’t stand what’s going on,” she told the publication. “His assault on our democracy, our institutions, our founders — I think we’re in a fight…. We’re in a war for the soul of America.”

Speaking of another song, “The Rain Will Fall,” also set for inclusion on Walls, Streisand teased a double meaning: “You can spell ‘rain’ several ways. But it’s my prophecy. I hope it comes true.”

While Walls includes reworked versions of classic songs like “Imagine,” ″What a Wonderful World,” and “What the World Needs Now,” many of the other songs were, like “Don’t Lie to Me,” born out of her frustration with the social and political landscape.

“I wanted to talk about the things that were making me feel so sad, heartbroken,” Streisand continued during her Associated Press interview, urging people to “get out and vote” if they’re similarly dissatisfied. “I’m a kind of fierce American. I don’t know who we are anymore as a country. Are we embracing people who flee oppression? Or are we separating children from parents, putting them in cages? I don’t know if people care about the planet, the survival of the planet. Do they care about clean air? Clean water? Clean food? If they do, how could they vote for somebody like Trump, who believes it’s a hoax?”

Walls is scheduled for release on Nov. 2. Listen to “Don’t Lie to Me” above.