By Joey Nolfi
August 01, 2018 at 02:51 PM EDT

It’s time to rally all space cadets on deck, because Robyn has released her first solo single in seven years (and it’s a bona fide sad-pop banger).

The Swedish music icon debuted a glistening tune titled “Missing U” on Wednesday, supposedly as the lead single from an upcoming album she previously revealed she’d drop by the end of 2018.

While she’s dabbled in experimental electronic territory on recent collaborations with La Bagatelle Magique and Röyksopp, “Missing U” marks a welcome return to form for Robyn as yet another somber, club-ready anthem ripe for dancing — and crying — to.

In the same sonic vein as tracks lifted from her celebrated three-part Body Talk EP collection, “Missing U” — written and produced by Robyn with Metronomy’s Joseph Mount and Klas Åhlund — finds its groove among a symphony of synths and throbbing bass as the 39-year-old croons about the lingering ghosts of a messy relationship.

“Baby it’s so weird to me, now that it’s over. The space where you used to be, your head on my shoulder. All of the plans we made that never happened, got your scent on my pillows baby, at least you left me with something,” she sings across the opening verses. Then, the chorus (and misty eyes) kick in for the chorus: “There’s this empty space you left behind, now that you’re not here with me. I keep digging through a waste of time, but the picture’s incomplete. Cause I’m missing you. I miss you.”

Details on Robyn’s planned LP (her sixth overall as a solo artist) have yet to be revealed, though it will be her first since fusing pieces of the aforementioned extended plays to form the Body Talk album in 2010.

Listen to “Missing U” (and watch its accompanying short film) in full above.