'Wonderland' will be a modern-day story set in Hollywood
Fall Out Boy Perform At Electric Brixton, London
Credit: Robin Little/Redferns

More like Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Boy. (I’m sorry.)

Patrick Stump has joined the short film Wonderland, a new interpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll story set in Hollywood, written by and starring American Gods actress Yetide Badaki.

“That story has been told a lot of different ways before, a lot of different versions,” said Stump about joining the project, “and the thing that really grabbed me was the voice of the writing — I can see this.”

Directed by Jessica Sherif, Wonderland will further the conversation about women in the entertainment industry, and the inequality in Hollywood. Sherif will also produce, alongside Karen David, and Badaki. The cast includes Badaki, David, Dominic Burgess, and Jen Richards.

Stump has previously written scores for the animated film Gnome Alone and for the upcoming Seth Green film Changeland.

“When you’re doing a score, it’s kind of like acting, really, because you have to get in the head of a character,” said Stump, “whereas with Fall Out Boy, if I’m writing a song, I’m going to have to get on stage every night and sing that. It’s really for me. Writing a song is more — not selfish, but you’re focused on what you would want, whereas in a film you’re just focused on telling the story.”

Production on Wonderland is due to begin next month.