Cardi B just announced the birth of her daughter on social media, but it’s a photo the rapper posted of herself as a 5-year-old that is dominating Twitter and Instagram.

The still shows a young Cardi, whose birth name is Belcalis, with a small forced smile and her hand on her hip.

Fans latched on to the expression on young Belcalis’ face in the photo — where she looks like she’s about to tell off an older cousin, or spill something her mom said in private — and captioned it with just about every precocious younger cousin quip you can think of.

Maybe the purest example of the meme is by Twitter user @FendiVersace, who captioned the photo, “My momma said y’all have to play with me.” Cardi responded on Instagram saying, “Yaaaa annoying for this ?????Leave five year old Belcalis alone ??”

She also reposted an edited photo of her husband Offset wearing the photo around his neck on a chain. “ya need to stop,” Cardi said.

The 25-year-old rapper eventually came around though, reposting a version of the meme by Twitter user @Menace2Anxiety_ with the caption, “My momma said your daddy ain’t in college, he in jail.” And added, “too funny cause i was a smart ass like this.”

The meme was still flooding everyone’s feed when Cardi revealed her daughter’s name Wednesday morning, Kulture Kiari Cephus, and Twitter responded to the news by, how else, using the meme. User @lilbaked captioned the now ubiquitous photo with, “my mommy said my name makes me unique.”