By Isaac Feldberg
June 28, 2018 at 03:44 PM EDT
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On the eve of releasing his anticipated album Scorpion, Drake has revealed its 25-song tracklist. Yep, it’s a double album.

The disc is split into a 12-song A-side and a 13-song B-side, including previously released singles “God’s Plan,” “I’m Upset,” and “Nice For What.” What the rest of the album will hold is anyone’s guess, though a betting man might wager that the “overwhelming” Pusha T-Kanye West diss track J. Prince has referenced will show up somewhere. Intriguingly, among the features we can expect on Scorpion are the late King of Pop Michael Jackson and 4:44 magnate Jay-Z. Here it is:

That Drake is releasing such a massive amount of music at once doesn’t come as a particular surprise, given his penchant for doing exactly that across his most recent releases. There’s also the small matter of these none-too-subtle billboards popping up in Toronto lately:

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether the 6 God will be slinging mud on the new release. Much of Scorpion had reportedly been completed before the great Pusha T feud of 2018, but any fans of Drake will be unsurprised to hear he’s worked on the album since the feud popped off.

Pusha, a long-time Drake rival, was the first to recently take a swing, trash-talking him on the diss track “Infrared,” the capper to his West-produced release Datyona. Drake snapped back with the generally well-received “Duppy Freestyle,” which took West and T to task for their allegations of ghostwriting. Unfortunately for Drake, “Infrared” turned out to be little more than glorified bait, lining him up for the much heavier half of a colossal one-two punch, “The Story of Adidon.”

Tongue-lashing Drake’s parents, his Adidas deal, his producer Noah “40” Shebib and — most sensationally — claiming Drake fathered a secret son with former adult film star Sophie Brussaux, the track was pure sonic venom. Its artwork alone, depicting Drake in blackface (as part of an ill-conceived photo shoot he’s since apologized for), was enough to send Drizzy reeling.

He’s since been quiet, returning to work on the new record, perhaps a little too stung (*snare drum*) to immediately continue the beef. It would be surprising, however, if no shots at his recent adversaries rang out across a album spanning 25 tracks, especially one dubbed Scorpion.

No word on where Scorpion will fall across genre lines, though the popular rumor is that it will contain a rap side and an R&B side (as teased by music exec Kenny Burns). Regardless, the double-album approach certainly means fans are about to get a whole lotta Drake. This can be a great thing (see: More Life) or a not-so-great thing (see: Views); luckily, fans will be able to decide for themselves soon enough. Scorpion is expected to drop at midnight.

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