By Isaac Feldberg
June 16, 2018 at 06:14 PM EDT
Parkwood Entertainment

It was a sleepy Saturday for entertainment news. Then Beyoncé happened.

More specifically, Queen B and hubby Jay-Z just broke the internet by dropping a whole album on Tidal. Billing itself as the first full-length release by The Carters, Everything Is Love finds the music-industry power couple singing and rapping across nine tracks.

“We’ve never been this far from the shore, we might not ever go back anymore,” croons Beyoncé on “Summer” a languid and sensual love song. “I want to drown in the depths of you, where the water’s so blue.”

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In songs like “Apes—,” “Boss,” and “Heard About Us,” they back their vocals with rich synths and trade verses that dig into their high-flying lifestyle, family affairs, and (of course) the hard work that has gone into rebuilding their relationship after the well-documented infidelity that sowed the seeds for Beyoncé’s 2016 masterwork Lemonade (and, consequently, Jay-Z’s also excellent 2017 release 4:44).

Beyoncé first teased the album on Instagram when she shared a clip from the music video for “Apes—,” which was shot at the Louvre in Paris in May 2018 and directed by Ricky Saiz.

Rumors had been swirling that an album drop was imminent from the Carters, especially once it was announced they’d be co-headlining OTR II, which they’ll be on the road for until the fall.