By Dalton Ross
June 14, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT

Alicia Witt didn’t just play a singer on CMT’s Nashville in season 4. The actress has actually been a musician as long as she has been seen on screen (first appearing when only 9 years old in 1984’s Dune). And her musical chops will be on full display with the release of her 5-song EP 15,000 Days in August.

But forget about waiting until then, because Witt’s musical chops are on display right here, right now! We’ve got the exclusive debut of Witt’s new music video for one of the songs off the EP, “Younger.” The actress and musician (who has also appeared notably on The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, and Friday Night Lights) gave EW the inside scoop on the track.

“When I wrote this song, I was inspired by a feeling I had towards someone I felt very close to,” says Witt. “It was this sense that the barriers put up there come from a place of fear, a place of thinking that they have to be the version of themselves that everyone expects, rather than connecting fearlessly with the authentic self. When we’re young, we say yes instead of no as a matter of principle — we know who we are so fully that we live that truth without even thinking about it. So I was writing more about that — the idea of longing to be, and connect to, the younger self, as well as others’ younger selves.”

As for the video itself, “This video was directed by one of my dearest and most talented friends, Paula Kay Hornick,” Witt says. “And I’m tremendously proud of it. I think that the best music videos take a song that means something specific to you when you first hear it, and then puts an entirely different spin on it through the video. Paula told this as a love story instead — with me as narrator — and I love that version so very much. It gives a whole new meaning to this song of mine.”

Watch the video for “Younger” above, and then keep your eyes and ears out for the full release of 15,000 Days — which was recorded at Blackbird studios in, yes, Nashville — on Aug. 24. You can also get tickets for Witt’s tour dates right here.