If you ever wondered what Christina Aguilera was willing to do to save her songstress sister Demi Lovato from the clutches of the patriarchy, you’ll find the answer in the pair’s new music video.

Aguilera unveiled the powerful clip for her latest single “Fall In Line” Wednesday afternoon, immersing fans in a stylized world where masked, masculine figures hold her and Lovato, her partner on the duet, captive. The feminist anthem’s lyrics compliment the visuals quite well, as Aguilera and Lovato sing in the name of liberating women from patriarchal shackles as their characters literally do just that.

The clip, directed by photographer and filmmaker Luke Gilford, opens on an image of two girls — one with blonde hair, the other a brunette — playing in a serene field. But, the placid scene is soon revealed to be a dream envisioned by an imprisoned Aguilera, who’s locked up in an underground facility and forced to perform her choral art by a legion of faceless male figures. The narrative evolves to reveal Lovato’s character as a prisoner, too, and the two work together to free themselves and escape to the sun-kissed land above.

The “Fall In Line” video lands three days after Aguilera and Lovato performed the song live for the first time at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, where the crowd leapt to its feet for a rousing standing ovation — including a particularly glowing reaction from Tyra Banks.

Following “Accelerate” and the promotional ballad “Twice,” “Fall In Line” lands as the second official single from Aguilera’s upcoming eighth studio album Liberation, due out June 15. Aguilera is set to perform the track on her upcoming Liberation Tour (her first traveling concert series in a decade) later this year.

Watch the just-released music video for the powerful track above. Liberation is available for pre-order here.

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