By Mary Kate Carr
April 30, 2018 at 12:10 PM EDT

In keeping with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s promise to release a new Hamilton-related tune each month, the Hamilton maestro has released “First Burn,” the first draft of the song sung by Alexander Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, in the blockbuster musical. The new #Hamildrop track is performed by five actresses who have played the character: Lexi Lawson, Arianna Afsar, Shoba Narayan, Rachelle Ann Go, and Julia Harriman.

Miranda called the early version of Burn “a mood™️” on Twitter, explaining to fans that it was “the first stuff that came out when [he] was being Eliza and writing it.”

Miranda also spent some time “talking process” and answering fan questions on Twitter, including discussing the function of “Burn” within the musical and how the song evolved. “In the final ‘Burn’ she has agency, and makes a decision to destroy Hamilton’s best self. In this draft she’s angrier, but it’s entirely reactive,” he wrote.

Watch the “First Burn” music video with all five Elizas above.