The rapper superstar lets her fans get up close and personal.

By Nick Romano
April 14, 2018 at 01:30 PM EDT

In a world where filmmakers are shooting entire feature-length movies on their phones, here comes Nicki Minaj with a selfie music video. The hip-hop superstar dropped the visuals for her new single “Chun-Li” — and it’s comprised entirely of selfie videos.

The song, as she told Zane Lowe on Beats 1 radio, is a nod to the Street Figher character Chun-Li. Minaj is seen using her phone to take footage of herself lounging on a couch and spitting the lyrics. Though she takes a moment to work some runway moves.

“Chun-Li” was accompanied by another single, “Barbie Tingz,” when audio was released earlier in the week. “This is the best album I’ve ever, ever, ever in my life created,” Minaj teased. She also mentioned that she recorded the melody five minutes after listening to the beat.

“most of it is selfie footage mixed w/a little help from [producer Grizz Lee],” Minaj wrote on Instagram of the video. “BOTH songs were produced by a producer I just signed [Chevi Music].”

Based on a teaser the rapper released for “Barbie Tingz,” it looks like she’s going a more tradition route for the next music video.

Watch “Chun-Li” above.