Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Tokyo - Night 2
Credit: Jun Sato/Getty Images

Taylor Swift might be all reputation all the time as she prepares for her stadium tour, but she managed to find a window to cover the Earth, Wind & Fire classic "September"… much to the internet's dismay.

Swift released the cover as part of the Spotify Singles series, alongside a new version of her single "Delicate." The "September" cover features heavy use of the banjo — bringing back a twang of the old Taylor — and also changes the famous date in the lyrics from "the 21st" to the "28th night of September," for some unknown reason (some speculate it's the anniversary of her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn).

Listeners weren't exactly thrilled with Swift's take on the song ("It's not like it's going to be the worst thing that happens today, right?" glows NPR). Here are some of Twitter's reactions:

Listen to the cover on Spotify and decide for yourself.

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