By Mary Kate Carr
April 12, 2018 at 11:49 AM EDT

Zayn Malik is back with new music and an action-packed adventure in the video for his single “Let Me.”

The video serves as a sequel to Malik’s last release, “Dusk til Dawn,” which won the VMA for Best Video in 2017 and features a similar briefcase pass-off. In “Let Me,” Malik sings about loving someone forever — “And if you let me be your man/Then I will take care of you/For the rest of my life/For the rest of yours” — while doing shady deals for a big gangster (played by Steven Bauer) and pursuing the gangster’s beautiful girlfriend (who looks a bit like a certain model).

The “Let Me” video is directed by Jose Padilha (Narcos, Robocop), who worked alongside Malik to develop the concept, which includes a fight sequence in which our hero, Zayn, is almost too late to save the girl — until she flips the gangster over and saves herself, allowing the inhumanly beautiful couple to sail off into the sunset.

“Let Me” is a single off of Malik’s upcoming sophomore album, for which the title and further details have yet to be released.

Watch the video above.