One Strange Rock

Will Smith and Darren Aronofsky aren’t the only heavy hitters involved with National Geographic’s One Strange Rock. Zedd is also a part of the project, going back to his classically trained roots for an original composition.

After previous audio teases, the Grammy-winning DJ has unveiled his striking visual for the 10-part event series. One Strange Rock, which Smith narrates and hails from Aronofsky, takes an unprecedented look at the planet and its greatest questions.

“I hope that when people hear this piece of music that I made for One Strange Rock that they will realize that I am capable of writing emotional music outside of what they think I can do,” Zedd recently shared. “And I just hope that people give this a chance and really listen to it and listen to the intricacies and details of the core progression and how this musical piece changes you when you listen to it.”

One Strange Rock airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on National Geographic.

Watch Zedd’s video above.

One Strange Rock
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