By Derek Lawrence
March 28, 2018 at 07:05 PM EDT

As she turned 32 on Wednesday, Lady Gaga had a million reasons to celebrate, and she did so by posting a throwback photo and a sweet message for her Little Monsters.

On social media, the singer shared an 11-year-old picture of herself, looking much different from the Lady Gaga who would soon burst on the scene.

“Here’s me in 2007 right before I dyed my hair blonde and released Just Dance,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s now 2018 and I’m so blessed to be turning 32 with a fanbase of Little Monsters I’ve watched spread a message of acceptance and kindness for 10 years now.”

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of “Just Dance,” Gaga’s smash hit debut single from her first album The Fame. This year will mark another milestone for Gaga, who takes on her biggest acting role to date in Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born remake, which opens in theaters on Oct. 5.