Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Alfonso Bresciani/ABC via Getty Images

Mariah Carey is here to test your pop culture knowledge.

On Thursday, the pop diva responded to a tweet from fellow singer Katy Perry in which the latter commented on Carey’s rumored demand for backstage puppies at her gigs.

“One time I heard a rumor that Mariah Carey used to have puppies backstage at her request to make her feel happy and this is making my pop star dreams fully come true,” wrote Perry on Twitter. Carey responded, “That was ONE TIME!!” before asking fans to name the movie she was quoting.

The answer is, of course, Mean Girls. Poor (minor character) Amber D’Alessio and her odd, ahem, tastes in make-out partners.


More importantly, we hope Carey’s movie-quote response wasn’t just a joke and she did indeed have puppies brought backstage to make her feel happy — and that Perry follows suit to fulfill her pop star dreams. For now, we’ll settle for Perry’s response to Carey’s tweet.

Mean Girls

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 97 minutes
  • Mark S. Waters