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Camila Cabello strums an electric guitar on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but there’s one problem: You don’t hear the guitar accompaniment.

As the video above shows, Cabello sings into the mic and seemingly plays the instrument strapped around her while performing her hit single “Never Be the Same”… which does not feature guitar.

Confused Twitter users began discussing the performance. “I’m trying really hard to figure out why Camila Cabello, who clearly does not play the guitar, is using one as a stage prop to wave her hand wildly in front of [her] in some facsimile of ‘playing’ it, for every performance of ‘Never Be the Same’ I’ve seen lately,” wrote @jenniferlstill.

Soon, Cabello fans came to her defense, pointing to plenty of evidence that, yes, Cabello can play the guitar, even if you don’t hear it on Ellen. “There’s literally an endless amount of videos of her playing Spanish and electric guitar. She’s been playing guitar throughout her girl group days and first played with her dad as a child,” replied @RobynCamriana, sharing a video of Cabello playing acoustic guitar.

The fan later added: “Look what we not gonna do is pretend Miss Cabello isn’t an incredible songwriter and a musician on top of being a singer while we praise every white boy in the industry who’s ever stepped on any stage.”

“You can delete your tweet and deactivate your profile after I’m done w/ this thread with videos of her playing the guitar,” wrote @flawlesscamilac.

Meanwhile, some fans seemed to be under the impression that the electric guitar was mixed into the audio on Ellen.

“Never Be the Same” is the second single from Cabello’s chart-topping, self-titled debut album, which the Cuban-born singer released in January, over one year after departing Fifth Harmony. On Monday, the remaining four singers in the girl group — Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, and Dinah Jane — announced that the “Work from Home” act is taking a hiatus to “pursue solo endeavors.”

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