By Maureen Lee Lenker
March 13, 2018 at 06:18 PM EDT
Credit: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube
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Dance rehearsals can be a “delicate” thing, but Taylor Swift is confident when it comes to her moves.

The singer has slowly been releasing new content and singles off her latest album, November’s Reputation,since the first single “Look What You Made Me Do” came out in late August last year. Swift’s latest music video for“Delicate” dropped on Sunday during the iHeartRadio Music awards.

The fourth song from Reputation to get a video, “Delicate” features Swift suddenly realizing she’s invisible and using that new freedom for her fame to shimmy through a hotel lobby, dance barefoot in a subway station, and run in the rain. Swift gave fans deeper insight into the video on Tuesday when she shared behind-the-scenes clips of her rehearing the dance in two parts on Instagram.

Controversy seems to follow Taylor Swift, so this video release wasn’t without its own share of drama — many claim the video copied Spike Jonze’s ad for Kenzo, as well as singer Sia’s moves. Her fans immediately rushed to her defense.

Per usual, it appears Swift is shaking the controversy off, choosing instead to share video of her rehearsal sessions with her most dedicated fans and followers.


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