The singer is also hitting the road with Katy Perry

You know you’re making great music when the biggest pop stars in the world want to take you on the road with them.

That’s the case with Swedish singer Tove Styrke, who’s caught the attention of Lorde (whom she’s currently on tour with in the U.S.) and Katy Perry (whom she joins for a European tour in May) thanks to her dynamic, minimalist brand of pop. After wowing critics with her 2015 LP Kiddo, which took on the patriarchy with songs like “Borderline” and “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You,” the 25-year-old is turning her focus inward on its follow-up. Her new album, Sway, out May 4, features intimate, heart-fluttering tunes about new love and early-stages romance — the kind of songs that aren’t just about crushes, they feel like them, too.

“Even if it’s simple and minimal, [the production] still needs to be interesting,” Styrke tells EW. “I want each song to have its own ID so if you hear it once, you’ll recognize it again — like the ukelele riff on ‘Say My Name.’ It’s kind of out of place, but… A-ha! It’s that song!”

Learn more about Styrke’s unique songwriting process in The Upbeat, a new video series presented by Citi, above.