Ordering room service will never be the same

The sultry video for Camila Cabello’s “Never Be the Same” is here.

The clip, released Thursday, sees the singer candidly filmed as if with a hand-held camera by a lover in a hotel room where she rolls around in the sheets, eats some fries, struts her stuff in a man’s button-down white shirt and sings into the television remote like it’s a microphone. Those images are then cut with other footage of Cabello in a variety of outfits — including an oversized red dress with huge shoulder pads, a wedding-like white gown and later a black leotard — as she sings to the camera and poses in an assortment of locations from cliffs to the ocean, to people-sized glass boxes.

The video ends back in the hotel room where she playfully tells the person behind it to, “Stop, turn it off.”

The former Fifth Harmony singer shared the news of the video’s release on her Instagram account.

Watch it in full above.