The Rocket Man called the man 'rude, disruptive' in statement to EW
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

UPDATE: Elton John gave his account of the events that transpired during a Las Vegas performance in which the singer was seen walking off stage mid song.

“Thursday night in Las Vegas a fan put his hands on the piano keys while I was playing and continued to do so even after I asked him to stop,” John said in a statement to EW. “He then proceeded to reach over the piano and try to take pictures, completely disrupting the performance.

“I bring fans onstage every evening when we play ‘Saturday Night’ in the set, it is always a lovely part of the show where I get to meet them, shake their hands and have them right there with me while I play,” he continued. “They have always been very courteous to the fact we are in the middle of playing a song live. This guy was rude, disruptive and had no care or respect for our show and so I let him know how I felt, then left the stage until they had removed him.”

EARLIER: If you poke The Rocket Man, you’re gonna get burned.

One of Sir Elton John‘s shows in Las Vegas was briefly derailed when fans got a bit too handsy with the performer. As shown in video from TMZ of the event at Caesar’s Palace, John was in the middle of his hit song “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” when audience members he had invited to join him on stage started touching him at the piano.

“F— off!” he was seen saying to them as they interrupted the performance. It appears they didn’t get the hint, and John walked off stage mid song.

The singer, who has invited fans up to the stage without incident in the past, eventually returned to finish out the set. He clarified, “No more coming on stage on ‘Saturday Night.’ You f–ed it up.”

John rescheduled two upcoming performances of The Million Dollar Piano in Las Vegas. They were originally set for May 18 and 19, which happen to coincide with the weekend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in the U.K.

The singer’s website said the shuffling was due to a “scheduling conflict,” though speculation arose that John scored an invite to the royal occasion. He did, after all, receive a knighthood.

At age 70, John said in January that he would stop touring “apart from the last tour, which is going to start in September.”

“It’s going to be the most produced, fantastic show that I’ve ever done,” he teased. “It’s a way of going out with a bang. I don’t want to go out with a whimper. I’m not a whimpery guy!”