Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life Debuts at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… at least for another year.

The Backstreet Boys have added 21 new dates to their Vegas residency — which began March 1, 2017 — extending their stay through the rest of 2018. Additionally, the group is working on its 10th studio album. In light of both announcements, EW hopped on the phone with Howie Dorough to talk about the exciting year ahead for the group that always seems to be “back” despite never really going anywhere.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was the decision to add more dates to your residency a relatively easy one for you all?
HOWIE DOROUGH: When this first came about, they said something about there being a good chance of it being a longer-term residency. For us, at this point in our career, it makes it easier for us. We’d heard that a lot of times people come out here and they’ll get a residency and they’ll think they’re only here for one or two years and it ends up being 10 years. It’s something we could definitely foresee doing and enjoying it. It’s a destination place that everybody comes to, whether it’s a bachelorette party, a birthday party, whatever it may be. We’ve even had people come in here celebrating divorces. We’ve had people proposing in our meet and greets out here. It’s easy for us to see ourselves being out here for quite a while.

Does the actual show change with the addition of more dates?
We’re constantly trying to evolve the show because we have a lot of repeating customers, so we always want to make it fresh. In this new set, we’ve changed up a couple different outfits, we play around with the setlist a little bit here and there. There’s definitely talks about making the show evolve, especially once we have our new single come out, we’ll probably add that into the mix. We’re always having different creative ideas because hopefully, God willing, we will be out here for several years and we definitely want the fans to feel that they’re constantly coming and seeing something new and fresh.

You mentioned a new single. When can we expect that?
Very shortly. We’re hopefully talking about here in March. We got some nice little tricks up our sleeves. We’re going to be performing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 11. We’ve got a lot of great, exciting new stuff coming around the corner for us as a group and even individually. I was just in New York myself working on a side project that I’m very proud to talk about — a little musical that I’ve put together called How We Do. It’s a fun little musical loosely based on my life growing up in a multi-racial family and just trying to find your place in life and acceptance, a lot of common things that kids deal with. It’s a good year for the Backstreet Boys, not only as a group but also individually.

You all have always done a good job of keeping your individual projects going while also remaining a group.
I think a lot of times that’s why groups break-up, because people lose their individuality. That’s something we’ve always talked from the very beginning. We all came from solo backgrounds and that’s something we’ve never denied. We never want to hinder any of us from spreading our wings. A lot of times, doing these individual things, we go out there and we bring a bigger fanbase to our audience. We come back even stronger for the group.

I know you all are working on your 10th studio album. Anything you can share about it?
We’re actually still creating right now. We have enough to probably put a record out, but we’re always trying to push the envelope. We just got our recent single, which actually we just recorded two weeks ago. It’s a great, great song that we’re very proud of, very current, very hip, I think it’s going to really fit well in the scene right now. But we’re constantly trying to make good music that fits our five-part harmony that’s unique and sets us a little bit apart, and we’re always trying to get that good pop melody. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but at the same time, we’re always trying to evolve and make music that we’re proud of. At the end of the day, it’s making sure that we’re proud of the music we put out there and feel that we put out a good product for our fans when all is said and done.

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