When SZA dropped her first album, Ctrl, this summer, she didn’t think it would make a ripple. “A warm reception is a quantum leap over what I was expecting,” says the singer born Solána Rowe. “I was prepared to be like, ‘Take your L and go get better.'”

She was dead wrong: The woozy R&B set not only earned rave reviews and debuted in the top five on the Billboard 200, it also scored five Grammy nominations — the most for any woman this year. “It’s too much to understand,” the 28-year-old says. “I wish I had worked on my confusion before [this interview] because I’m still utterly confused!” (The singer went home emptyhanded after the male-dominated ceremony on Jan. 28.)

And while she’s ear-to-ear smiles now, the journey to Ctrl was often frustrating. More than once fans saw SZA call out her label, Top Dawg Entertainment, on Twitter over repeated release-date delays, and she says there were other sources of stress behind the scenes, “like me being afraid that the mix wasn’t right or [worried about] a key song being taken away.”

SZA’s at peace with it now: “This timing was perfect. It’s all part of this macrocosm; you have to just let it all go.” That sounds pretty Zen until she adds, laughing, “Hopefully we get to the next one sooner, because that was some bulls—!”

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