Nothing but respect for #MyColonelSanders, Reba McEntire. The country singer broke the fast-food mascot patriarchy by becoming the first female Colonel Harland Sanders for KFC.

“Oh please ignore any likeness to famous country singers,” McEntire sings in the first commercial for her new gig. “I’m definitely not a woman.”

This promo precedes many more to come with the music superstar promoting the chain’s new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken. Rob Lowe, George Hamilton, Darrell Hammond, and Jim Gaffigan are among the all-male actors who’ve portrayed the Colonel in the past. But this is the dawn of a new day.

McEntire teased her transformation on social media with a photo from her makeup chair.

“I’m Colonel Sanders, the same as always. Absolutely nothing’s changed,” she sings. One thing that certainly hasn’t is the tagline: “It’s finger-lickin’ good.”