Nobody wins when the family feuds — and this is one epic "Family Feud." After a brief tease for the fans, JAY-Z dropped the full-length music video for his 4:44 track on Friday.

Yes, his wife, Beyoncé, features prominently. So does his daughter, Blue Ivy. But so do Michael B. Jordan (Marvel's Black Panther), Thandie Newton (Westworld), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Jessica Chastain (Molly's Game), David Oyelowo (Selma), Brie Larson (Marvel's Captain Marvel), Omari Hardwick (Power), Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca), and many more.

A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay helmed the "Family Feud" video and co-wrote it with JAY-Z. Two of DuVernay's Disney movie's stars also make cameos: Storm Reid and Mindy Kaling.

The "Family Feud" begins with a quote from James Baldwin: "The wretched of the earth do not decide to become extinct, they resolve, on the contrary, to multiply; life is their weapon against life, life is all that they have."

A scene emerges of a royal brother (Jordan), bathed in black and white except for blue and yellow hues, storming up a grand staircase to confront his sister, Joan (Newton), and claim the family throne for himself. Rhodes emerges from Joan's bed as her lover, who kills the brother. But as Joan reminds him, "It's not his, it's not yours, it's my throne."

Posting a thread of behind-the-scenes photos to Twitter, DuVernay wrote, "The first scene focuses on errors. All families hurt each other. Mistakes are made. Expectations unmet. Jealousies fester."

Chastain also appears to interview this alternate reality's sitting president (Hardwick) and madame president (Irene Bedard) about the death in their family. As the video flashes through time, we see a table of women — including Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), LGBTQ activist and entertainment personality Janet Mock, Rosario Dawson (The Defenders), and Susan Kelechi Watson (This Is Us) — rewriting the Constitution.

"America is a family and the whole family should be free," Watson says. "It's like I remember my father saying when I was a little girl, nobody wins when the family feuds."

"I loved the idea of their being Co-Presidents of the United States in the future. And that a Native American woman was one of them," DuVernay tweeted. "One of the first ideas I shared with @S_C_. He was all in. We had fun dreaming this up. This country will not stay the same."

We then see Watson's character as a little girl (played by Blue Ivy), walking through a church with her father (JAY-Z) in the year 2018.

Other stars spotted include Niecy Nash, America Ferrera, and Aisha Hinds. Some of the celebrities making cameos in the video revealed behind-the-scenes images over social media.

Watch the full "Family Feud" video above or on Tidal.

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