By Madison Vain
November 22, 2017 at 11:56 AM EST
Joe Moore/Viceland

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Gold-flaked doughnuts? Wagyu beef flown in from Japan? A $4,000 cologne?! 2 Chainz, 40, tries them all — and other absurd one-percenter luxuries — on Most Expensivest, his new show on Viceland.

“When the show idea came to me, I thought it would be a good marriage with my personality,” 2 Chainz tells EW, previewing the season that runs on the network through January. “People come to me for this stuff.”

Below, EW catches up with the rapper about the craziest things he’s trying, his acting ambitions, and why he can’t get over canned air. Seriously.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve been trying out the world’s most lavish products on YouTube for years. Where did your love for the high life begin?
2 CHAINZ: It’s just a part of my personality. I’m someone who tries to seek high- level things, whether it be food or clothes. That’s on a natural basis.

You’re used to performing, but hosting is a different skill. What’s it been like so far?
It wasn’t on my vision board or anything, but that’s the impetus of the whole thing for me. I’d like to be veering off into acting in the next four or five years. Being able to wing it with somebody on air that you’ve never met before is a talent in and of itself.

In episode one, you have dinner at New York’s Old Homestead Steakhouse with rapper Action Bronson and learn about the über-competitive Wagyu beef auctions in Japan.
I tell my friends about that all the time! Some of these cows go to a damn masseuse! It’s beef! It’s cool for me to learn things when I’m shooting. I try to bring some element of education to every episode. I try to find out the history of the person [I’m interviewing], where they’re going, what was the turning point in their life [that took them] into this field.

What pricey product is the most shocking to you in 2017?
They’re starting to sell air in cans! I mean, a can of air! You can’t smell it, you can’t shake it, you can’t hear it. I don’t know if it expires. That’s wigging me out.

Your “Dabbing Santa” sweaters have raised almost $2 million for charity, and you’ve expanded the collection this year. Why is giving back important to you?
No one ever did it for me. No one ever came to my neighborhood and paid my mama’s bills or got me something for Christmas or whatever it was. It feels good to be in a position to change one or two lives.

Your fourth LP, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, dropped earlier this year. Between your TV project and clothing lines, when do you have time to make new music?
Music is what fuels everything else. I do music every single day. I do these shows when I get booked; it’s seasonal. But music is my life.

Most Expensivest airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Viceland.