The tradition continues!

By Sarah Weldon
November 15, 2017 at 11:23 AM EST
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The release of a new Taylor Swift album means Target shoppers will soon see the pop star strutting through the aisles. Swift kept the tradition alive on Tuesday night, dropping by a Target store in Nashville to pick up a physical copy of her latest album, reputation — and the shopping trip soon turned into a celebration.

For fans who weren’t in the right store at the right time, Swift shared the experience in a series of Instagram stories. “We always have this tradition of going to Target to go buy the album, and so we’re gonna go do that,” Swift said as she was relaxing at home with her cat.

Soon, Swift and her crew of dancers and back-up singers arrived in the parking lot of the retail mecca. After a brief detour through the Christmas section, the group booked it to the reputation stand to get their hands on Target’s special editions of her sixth LP, the contents of which EW detailed upon its release last Friday. Swift obviously wasn’t the only one looking to get her hands on a copy of reputation and the special Target magazines, because dozens of Swifties and casual shoppers alike were already there.

The singer took time to take photos and sign copies of her new project for fans, which they promptly shared above. Scroll through and watch the video above for all the highlights.


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