The Queen of Christmas has spoken!

November 14, 2017 at 12:29 PM EST

It’s mid-November and we don’t know what you’re doing if Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is not the most-played song in your music library. The beloved holiday track has just been turned into a new animated Christmas filmAll I Want For Christmas Is You, available now on-demand, but we have an even more important video for you: Mariah Carey playing with puppies and insisting that “Santa comes every year!”

The pop diva made the reveal while sitting down with BuzzFeed to answer Christmas questions as small furry friends filled her cup of love. At one point, she asked the real question here: “How do I answer this when there’s puppies running all over me?” (Honestly, we’re surprised she was able to answer any of the questions — those puppies are so cute and distracting!)

Another surprise is the fact that Carey had no idea that her song was going to be such a hit when she recorded it in 1994. “I wasn’t thinking that — I was just recording a Christmas song,” she said. “That’s a boring answer, but it’s the truth!”

Read Carey’s full interview with BuzzFeed here to find out whether or not there’s new music on the horizon after the holidays. If you want to spread holiday cheer and adopt one of the puppies in the video, head over to Vanderpump Dogs for more information.

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