Look what she's making you do!

Now that reputation has officially dropped and everyone has all their feelings, thoughts, and theories out in the open, Taylor Swift is hitting the road for the first time in two years to bring fans the New Taylor.

The first leg of reputation stadium tour, which was announced on Monday, will hit 27 U.S. cities from May to October, but tickets will likely be sold out long before Swift sings the first note. In an effort to ensure bots don’t snatch up tickets that would otherwise go to fans, Swift partnered with Ticketmaster Verified Fan to create the Taylor Swift Tix portal, where registered users can purchase tickets before they become available to the general public on Dec. 13, Swift’s 28th birthday.

Once you register with the site, choose the city for which you want to “get in line,” and you’ll officially unlock access to the portal. Now, here’s where things get slightly more complicated: Boost activities increase your chances at scoring verified, face-value tickets. Here are all the activities you can do through the portal to prove your worthiness of a ticket before Nov. 28.

Purchase the album

If you purchase a physical copy of reputation through any authorized retailer (think: Target, or the Taylor Swift online store), a boost code will come with the product. Sorry folks who only plan on downloading the album on iTunes — boost codes are only given with a copy of the physical album. If you pre-ordered the album on iTunes, however, you already got your access code!

Stay up-to-date on everything Swift

You’re probably already doing this since you’re reading this article, but make sure you’re following the verified Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Here’s another nudge: Signing up for Swift’s official e-mail list will also help you out.

Tweet a photo of the album cover on a UPS truck

Remember when this photo and partnership first came out and the internet was all like, “uh, okay”? Well, take that back because if you post a photo of the custom reputation UPS truck on Twitter with the hashtags #TaylorSwiftDelivery and #promo, you’ll get your boost. Not so random now, is it?

Use the “…Ready For It?” camera effect on Facebook

Via the Facebook mobile app, the camera filter is inspired by the “…Ready For It?” music video. Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app to use to get your boost!

Continue the Swift love on Facebook…

…by using a special reputation frame for your profile picture.

Stock up on merch

If you have yet to buy the rose gold snake ring from Swift’s official reputation merchandise store, go take a look because you’ll get a super high boost. There are hats, the aforementioned rings, and more.

Watch “Look What You Made Me Do”

Sure, we already broke down all the Easter eggs in the Joseph Kahn-helmed music video for reputation‘s lead single, but it’s worth giving it another look to get your boost.

For another boost, watch the lyric video for “LWYMMD” (featuring New Taylor’s favorite: snakes!) and check out the making of “LWYMMD.”

Watch some more videos from Taylor Swift NOW!

Swift’s partnership with AT&T has brought us quite the treasure trove of videos, including this video of Swift and Andy Samberg duking it out. There are three AT&T sponsored videos on the ticket hub that you can watch up to 10 times per day.

Share the love

Convince all your friends and family to join Taylor Swift Tix by sending them your own personalized link to score a boost. The holidays are coming up, and what are you going ask for this year? That your Great Uncle Bob signs up for Taylor Swift Tix with this personalized link, dammit!

Reminder: All of these boost activities need to be done through the official Ticketmaster ticket hub here. Best of luck, because you’re not the only one trying to snag a ticket or two.

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