The mystery is over

By Nick Maslow
November 10, 2017 at 12:56 AM EST

The release of Taylor Swift’s reputation has revealed a new feud anthem about Kanye West, romantic songs alluding to her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and some pretty juicy lyrics. Just when you thought the shocks were over, fans have discovered the identity of the kid in her song “Gorgeous”: James Reynolds.

Yes, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ eldest daughter provides the “baby intro voice” in the love song, according to photos of the album’s credits shared by fans on Twitter.

What’s more, Swift mentions it in the notes in Target’s special editions of the LP, writing, “Tiny baby James Reynolds, little cherubic mischievous scene stealer from Heaven: ‘Gorgeous!’”

The identity of the child was the subject of much debate when Swift’s jam dropped in October, with fans thinking it could be everyone from Swift’s godchild — Jaime King’s son, Leo Thames Newman — to Baby T-Swift. However, the Lively-Reynolds theory had the most legitimacy thanks to the proud parents’ Instagram activity. After Swift posted a preview featuring the child’s voice, both Lively and Reynolds clicked like from their verified accounts. Likes don’t lie!

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Now, the fans who put their money on the offspring of Swift’s A-list pals can finally cash in, and as is rarely the case in the mysterious Swiftian age in which we live, EW can declare this reputation case closed.

Relive James’ big (albeit short) feature in the video above.