This clip will have you counting down the days until the holidays

By Josh Glicksman
November 09, 2017 at 11:20 AM EST

Sia and Gwen Stefani may be providing the music world with full-length Christmas albums this year, but Ed Sheeran just put us all in the holiday spirit with his romantic new music video for “Perfect” featuring Zoey Deutch.

The video for the fourth single from ÷  begins with Sheeran on a train looking at a wrinkled photo of the Why Him? star kissing him on the cheek. Shortly thereafter, the viewer is transported to a scene where Sheeran and Deutch are getting coffee, with the British pop star offering a sheepish smile and wave, and the latter giving the former a hair tousle that will give you all sorts of emotional feels.

Skip ahead to the two meeting up with a larger group to road trip through a winter wonderland, ultimately ending up on a skiing adventure together. While the others appear to be experts, Sheeran and Deutch are taking it slow because, you know, that’s just way cuter.

They eventually separate from the group following some night skiing, drinking at the bar, and karaoke. The two run off together in the middle of a picturesque snowfall, with Sheeran letting Deutch know via a pizza box message that he wrote her a song. The video concludes with the two cuddling and hanging out with an adorable cat.

Check out the video above and prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.