Listen up, Pink!

Beautiful Trauma

Someone please book Kelly Clarkson and Pink some studio time.

“I’m a huge fan of Pink,” Clarkson told EW editor-in-chief Henry Goldblatt at the magazine’s A-List event in New York City on Thursday. “I haven’t had the chance yet to work with her. I think if you project it enough, it might happen, right?”

As it turns out, the badass women have more in common than fans may have thought. “I love her because she has done the whole singer-songwriter record she recently did, she does pop, she loves rock,” said Clarkson. “I think [we have] similar musical influences.”

Clarkson may have been referring to Pink’s new album Beautiful Trauma, which in October became the biggest debut for a woman in 2017. The LP features a track with Eminem and raw lyrics about the realities of being in a long-term relationship. “She’s just very unapologetic,” Clarkson said of Pink’s approach to her music. “She is who she is, and that’s cool if you like her, and it’s cool if you don’t. I relate to that, so I think that’s why I like her a lot.”

Though they’re both rising up the charts this season — Clarkson’s stunning album Meaning of Life dropped last week— the American Idol alum doesn’t feel competitive with Pink. As Goldblatt pointed out, they actually might be sharing fans.

Watch a clip of the conversation above, and then see what Clarkson said about her “horrible” cancer scare and the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Beautiful Trauma
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