Kim Kardashian chose a theme and stuck with it this season.

Beginning with a killer Cher look alongside pal Jonathan Cheban as Sonny, Kardashian dressed as a string of music legends over Halloween, including Madonna, Aaliyah, and the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla. In a series of videos from last night’s festivities, Kardashian donned the famous purple bodysuit of the late singer, who is set to receive a star on the Holywood Walk of Fame on Nov. 3.

While she saved her “fave” look for Oct. 31, the reality TV star and social media mogul wasn’t the only celeb to dress up as the icon this past weekend. Demi Lovato and America Ferrera notably dressed up as the icon to much love and acclaim online by Quintanilla fans. And while Kardashian was clearly excited about her costume, some reactions probably weren’t quite what she was going for, with one Twitter user claiming that the costume made them “so uncomfortable.”

Check out some strong Twitter reactions below, from Kardashian fans who thought she nailed her final look of the weekend to those who think she needed to just not.

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