By Maureen Lee Lenker
October 27, 2017 at 12:06 AM EDT

Ready or not, Taylor Swift’s latest music video is here.

The pop star released her latest video for Reputation’s “…Ready For It?” late Thursday night. The futuristic production sees Swift in a black hooded garb walking through alleys, crossing paths with various red-eyed, militaristic-looking androids(?). When she reaches her destination, hooded Taylor approaches what appears to be a manmade version of herself — a robot Taylor? — inside a large glass box. Mechanical Taylor is soon enveloped in full body armor, one arm equipped with large blade and with the ability to shoot lightning. Later, when the two touched hands on either side of the glass — this, after boxed-in Taylor has seemingly generated an electric current and more “life” within her confines — she blasts through the wall, shredding away hooded Taylor’s skin to reveal a machine interior.

Swift first teased the song during a college football game in early September before dropping it relatively quickly after her smash hit “Look What You Made Me Do.” Many believe the song, which chronicles the early days of a relationship, is about Swift’s latest beau Joe Alwyn. While there are no obvious references to him — though a final sequence on a set of stairs shows various dark-clothed figures fighting to get near her as her electric current keeps them at bay (Swift shedding herself of previous high-profile relationships, perhaps?) — it ends with a single tear streaming down the newly-freed Taylor’s face as her eyes flicker to an icy blue.

Directed by frequent Swift collaborator and fierce defender Joseph Kahn, the video drew comparisons to previous Swift videos for “Bad Blood” and “Out of the Woods” from the moment it was first teased on Monday. Many also speculated that Swift’s nude robot body was a callout to Kanye, while the single’s cover art and the lightning motifs in the video were in reference to ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and the 2016 hit Swift penned “This is What You Came For.”

The video is the latest in the run-up to Reputation’s November release from Swift, who just last week dropped the third single off the album, “Gorgeous.”

Other fan theories have suggested that Reputation will be a visual album in the vein of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, with the provocative and visually stunning videos for “…Ready for It?” and “Look What You Made Me Do” marking the first two entries in a larger feast for the eyes and ears.

Reputation hits record stores and streaming platforms on Nov. 10.