October 27, 2017 at 12:02 PM EDT

From the moment Taylor Swift started Instagramming a snake to tease the announcement of Reputation and the release of “Look What You Made Me Do,” we’ve had our eyes and ears open for clues, seeking Easter eggs in the music videos and information about her relationships in the lyrics. But, squinting really hard as we watched her latest video for “… Ready for It?” we found something else: possible clues about Reputation itself.

At first, the words scrawled in graffiti throughout the opening of the video (and even a little towards the end) are just blink-and-you-miss-’em missives, not unlike the “13” and “Joseph” references already much-discussed throughout. But then, around the 28-second mark, we see “UR Gorgeous.” Now, we already know about a third song from the album — “Gorgeous” — because it was released last week, but we don’t know the titles of any of the other tracks. Until now, perhaps?


After “UR Gorgeous,” we took another look… and we’ll be damned if the other statements don’t sound like song titles. “All Eyes on Us” appears at the 21-second mark, “This Is Enough” shows up at 24 seconds and again at 35, and “I Love You in Secret” is scrawled on the wall 26 seconds into the video. You’ll find “Illusions” written in big letters above the keypad at 0:44.

Taylor Swift/VEVO

The big graffiti statement near the end — “They’re Burning All the Witches” — could be yet another song title… or it could even be two. “They’re Burning” and “All the Witches” are Swift songs we definitely wanna hear (especially “All the Witches” — yes, please).


What do you think? Are you singing our tune or did you read something else between the spray-painted lines? Tell us in the comments.

Reputation hits record stores and streaming platforms on Nov. 10.

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