Ready For It...?

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On Monday, Taylor Swift dropped the teaser for her “…Ready For It?” music video — and the 15-second clip spawned more questions than answers for Swift stans and armchair followers alike.

But while conspiracy theorists are hard at work trying to figure out the video’s meaning in anticipation of its Thursday at midnight debut, here’s what everyone else should know about the new Swift visual.

There’s definitely some “Out of the Woods” and “Bad Blood” similarities

All three videos are directed by none other than frequent Swift collaborator Joseph Kahn. On top of the two 1989 videos, the director is also credited for many of Swift’s hits like “Blank Space”, “Wildest Dreams”, and “Look What You Made Me Do”.

When not directing her videos, Kahn’s also been busy fiercely defending the pop star from critics. He also tweeted this out the morning of the video’s release:

Take it as you will when it comes to all your theories. Speaking of theories…

Is Swift fighting a clone of herself?

Maybe. Some fans think that Swift is fighting a clone of herself in the teaser.

Swift could also be fighting the “Old Taylor” who, as we know, is dead … so maybe the Old Taylor comes back as a robot? But, Swift already fought a bunch of Old Taylors back in the video for “Look What You Made Me Do” so it doesn’t make sense for her to be doing that again, does it? More on that later.

Taylor’s nude robot body is a Kanye callout

Who can forget the music video for Kanye West’s 2016 hit “Famous”? The definitely NSFW video featured a bunch of nude wax figures of celebrities like Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, George W. Bush, Rihanna, Bill Cosby, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, and Taylor Swift lying in a bed together. Taylor was reportedly “livid” about the footage. Of course, the duo has their own complicated history.

Maybe Swift is flipping the narrative and directly digging West with her nude bodysuit. She’s already done it this year with certain serpent imagery.

Another callout, this time to ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris

Remember when Swift let everyone know that she actually wrote Harris’ 2016 hit with Rihanna “This is What You Came For” after the pair had a messy breakup?

It’s both a clear reference to the single’s cover art and the line, “lighting strikes every time you move” and that color scheme is definitely similar.

Although all this shade seems a little strange for the song. Maybe Swift chose the color scheme, not as a reference to the Harris hit, but because she’s a big fan of Riverdale.

Is Reputation going to be a visual album?

Some fans have theorized that Reputation is actually a visual album and that “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?” are part of a larger string of videos from the star.

It actually makes a lot of sense, particularly when you think about the connections between this teaser and the video for “Look What You Made Me Do”, like the airplane that’s featured at the end of the video. And, there was that “Formation”-esque moment that caused quite the controversy.

Psssst…”Look What You Made Me Do” was advertised to be released at midnight but was actually released at around 11:30 pm ET, remember that.

Ready For It...?
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