#GorgeousGate is happening


Taylor Swift on Friday dropped “Gorgeous,” giving fans a third taste of her forthcoming sixth album Reputation. We’ve already dissected all the possible Joe Alwyn references, but there’s still a very important question that needs to be answered: Who is the kid?

At the start of the song, there’s a child — yes, a child — cooing the word “gorgeous.” The beginning was already teased online before the song was released, but no one can come to a final conclusion about the kid’s identity. Adding to the drama surrounding Reputation, Swift answered a fan’s question on Tumblr about the mystery with a three-word sentence: “300 people know.”

Earlier in October, Swift previewed Reputation at two of her famed “secret sessions,” held exclusively for Swifties at her homes. It’s all very possible that Swift revealed the news to those who went to the listening parties in London and Rhode Island. Those lucky tight-lipped fans aren’t spilling the information, so the time has come to launch an investigation into #GorgeousGate. Read on for the possibilities.

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter, James Reynolds

First up we have Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ eldest daughter, James, who happens to look exactly like Baby Swift. Giving this theory credence, the proud parents both liked Swift’s song teaser on Instagram yesterday, specifically the post previewing the child’s voice. Some Swifties are thinking that it could also be their youngest daughter Ines, but the voice sounds more like a toddler’s than a baby’s, so we’re going with sweet James for this one.

This theory is proving to be the most popular on Twitter, with one fan claiming that it’s been confirmed.

Reminder: There has been no confirmation yet from Swift or one of the lucky 300, which brings us to the next possible child…

2. Jaime King’s son, Leo Thames Newman

Swift is the toddler’s godmother — and it’s a duty she doesn’t seem to take lightly. A devout squad member, King has publicly mentioned that Swift is an amazing godmother, so why not give him the gift of a Reputation appearance? Don’t say your godmother never did anything for you, Leo!

3. Lily Aldridge’s daughter, Dixie Pearl Followill

We’re running with the squad connections and considering another toddler who Swift reportedly holds dear to her heart, Dixie Pearl Followill.

Aldridge told PEOPLE back in 2015 that Swift and Dixie are besties. “She asks to go to Taylor’s house every day and loves to go upstairs and play with her cats,” said the model, who has been close friends and Nashville neighbors with Swift for years.

4. Baby T-Swift

It makes perfect sense. A major theme from Reputation is how the Old Taylor is gone, but she still keeps popping up everywhere! It’s something you’d know from only watching half of the “Look What You Made Me Do” video, so maybe Swift is feeling a tad nostalgic and not ready to really kill off the Old Taylor just yet. Plus, if you take a look at the 2009 music video for “The Best Day,” there are tons of Old Taylors. No, really — the entire video for the Fearless track is made up of home videos in a super sweet nod to the pop star’s mother. Perhaps Andrea Swift once recorded her daughter saying “gorgeous.”

Fans on Twitter also agree, pointing to the similarities in the voices of the child at the beginning of the new single and the beginning of the video.

Listen to “Gorgeous” above and help EW solve #GorgeousGate, please!

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