Big hugs galore

By Josh Glicksman
October 19, 2017 at 01:51 PM EDT

And the award for Adorable Video of the Day goes to Chance the Rapper.

In a clip the Chicago-born musician tweeted Thursday, Chance opens his three Grammy Awards with the help of his 2-year-old daughter Kensli.

"I got my Grammys in the mail," he wrote. "Thank you everyone who made this music with me, especially this girl right here. #ColoringBook #BestRapAlbum #butitwasamixtape #IDidItWithGod #ChanceTebow."

Shortly thereafter, Chance posted another small clip of Kensli running around with one of the Grammys. Both of the videos feature lots of father-daughter hugging and support from people offscreen. The second post from Chance shows how emotional the moment was, as he appears to be wiping away tears following an extended hug.

The musician earned his three Grammys at the most recent ceremony in February, nabbing victories for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance ("No Problem"), and Best Rap Album (Coloring Book, though as Chance points out, it's technically a mixtape).

You can watch both of the adorable videos above.