'Transformers: The Last Pumpkin'

The Smashing Pumpkins & Marilyn Manson: The End Times Tour - Nashville, Tennessee
Credit: Terry Wyatt/WireImage

Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise has nothing on the metamorphosis witnessed by Billy Corgan.

During Monday’s Howard Stern Show, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman revealed that he once saw a person change into … something else right in front of his eyes.

“Let’s just say I was with somebody once and I saw a transformation that I can’t explain,” he said. “Imagine you’re doing something and suddenly you turn around and there’s somebody else standing there.”

Besides promising that he was sober, Corgan declined to go into much detail, which is consistent with how little the unnamed person would say to him. “They wouldn’t explain,” Corgan continued. “It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

Listen to Corgan’s story above.