The two have been beefing over a T-shirt for more than a year
Marilyn Manson/ Justin Bieber
Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images; Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Marilyn Manson has unburied the hatchet in his on-and-off feud with Justin Bieber.

A month after the shock-rocker told Howard Stern that there was “no beef” between him and the pop star, Manson badmouthed Bieber in a new interview with Dallas radio host Cindy Scull, calling him a girl and likening his intelligence to that of a squirrel.

Manson’s comments were prompted by Scull bringing up a row that kicked off last year when Bieber began using Manson’s image on the front of a $195 Barney’s T-shirt, with the words “Bigger Than Satan” and “Bieber” emblazoned on the back.

“I still think you should go kick Justin Bieber’s ass,” Scull said on her morning show Friday. “Who the f— does that guy think he is?”

“He’s in some sort of sexual religious cult with [an] Asian version of Dave Navarro, apparently,” Manson said. He did not elaborate on that remark but also said of Bieber, “I don’t like to fight with girls.”

Asked again what Bieber was thinking when he used Manson’s image without permission, Manson replied, “I don’t know how to use the mind of a squirrel.”

Representatives for Manson and Bieber did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Elsewhere in his interview with Scull, Manson addressed his ongoing recovery from a stage accident earlier this month that forced him to cancel tour dates.

“I’m not going to let this mild setback keep me off track from my goals and ambitions about this record,” Manson said. He added, “I will recover quickly because I have superhuman powers, hopefully.”

Listen to Manson’s interview above.