By Sarah Weldon
October 06, 2017 at 02:14 PM EDT

Maroon 5 announced on Snapchat Wednesday the name of their forthcoming album, Red Pill Blues. People immediately asked: Is Maroon 5 part of the MRA?

The idea of red and blue pills initially comes from The Matrix franchise. In the film, the main character is offered a choice of taking the “red pill” and gaining knowledge, freedom, and truth of reality or taking the “blue pill” and existing in security, bliss, and ignorance. Men’s Rights Activists reference the “red pill” when discussing the moment they reached their conclusion about feminism.

Adam Levine and the band don’t appear to be MRA members — just super big fans of The Matrix. Both Jezebel and Death and Taxes reached out to the band to see if they decided to get political. “This title does not have any relation to the term you reference,” they told Jezebel.

That should make it easier to breathe, Maroon 5 fans.

Red Pill Blues is due Nov. 3 and available for preorder on Oct. 6.