The musician and daughter of Johnny Cash penned a forceful op-ed after the Las Vegas shooting

By Derek Lawrence
October 03, 2017 at 09:18 PM EDT
Robin Little/Getty Images

Rosanne Cash is urging the country music community to speak out against the National Rifle Association in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 59 dead and more than 500 others wounded.

Following the tragic events on Sunday, the musician and daughter of Johnny Cash penned a forceful op-ed column for the New York Times, in which she tried to appeal to her fellow artists to end the “increasingly nurtured alliance” between the N.R.A. and country music.

“There is no other way to say this: The N.R.A. funds domestic terrorism,” she wrote. “I encourage more artists in country and American roots music to end your silence. It is no longer enough to separate yourself quietly. The laws the N.R.A. would pass are a threat to you, your fans, and to the concerts and festivals we enjoy.”

Acknowledging that she has received death threats over the years for being a gun control activist, Cash expressed hope that others will join her in the fight for stricter firearm laws. “I know you’ll be bullied for speaking out,” she wrote. “This is how they operate. Not everyone will like you for taking a stand. Let it roll off your back. Some people may burn your records or ask for refunds for tickets to your concerts. Whatever. Find the strength of moral conviction, even if it comes with a price tag, which it will. Don’t let them bully you into silence. That’s where their power lies — in the silence of rational voices and in the apathy of those who can speak truth to power.”

Cash joins a chorus of high-profile voices calling for further discussion on gun control, including Lady Gaga, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, and Hillary Clinton.

She concluded, “Patriotism and a belief in strong gun control are not antithetical. We need common-sense gun laws, and I hope my fellow occupants of the tower of song will join me in saying so. In unity, we can drown out the bullies.”

Read Cash’s full op-ed in the New York Times.