Walk the Moon will return with a brand new album this fall — the band’s first since their 2014 single “Shut Up And Dance” exploded onto the global stage — and as frontman Nicholas Petricca told EW last month, the LP was largely inspired by a daunting personal journey. “This album is based around looking into the unknown and realizing that it could all go to s— or it could be the best thing in your life,” he said. “This record, even more than the last one, is really raw lyrically, while the sound seems more epic.”

For Petricca, much of that soul-searching came on an immediate, personal level as he dealt with the death of his father as well as an exploration of his own sexuality. But when the band was recording “One Foot,” the set’s lead single which dropped Friday, there was also a macro fear looming.

“We had just gotten back together as a band to make music in Austin, Texas, and it was just the four of us in a room for the first time since the tour. At the end of that week, President Trump was elected,” he recalls. “So while all that was going on in the inside, the outside world was reflecting like, ‘What the f— is going to happen?'”

They channeled it into the music, which both urges listeners to take things one step at a time and points a finger at the U.S., which they call “the so-called Land of the Free.” Explains Petricca, “This record is very much about owning the ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on.'”